Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit Training
This site offers an affordable means to get basic handgun safety training and a training certificate to qualify you for an Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP).

Although in 2010 Arizona joined the ranks of those states not requiring any form of license or permit for anyone not otherwise forbidden by law to carry a concealed weapon, there are a number of good reasons why people may nevertheless wish to obtain a CWP, not least of which is the number of states in which it is valid. This may be of particular interest to non-Arizona residents from states with no concealed carry permit available, or one having limited acceptance by other states.

To obtain an Arizona concealed weapon permit (CWP), the state requires that the applicant provide proof of having been trained in handgun safety. For most people this means taking a training course given by a certified instructor.

For many people finding an instructor and training course, then deciding which one to take can be a task in itself.

Most instructors provide good training, but there are a number who provide only the bare minimum required by statute. While this is sufficient to satisfy the legal requirements, and will be accepted by the Department of Public Safety (AZ-DPS) it is a disservice to the student, who, for very little more (or even the same price) could get a much more comprehensive training course covering not only the legal minimum, but also an array of topics which anyone about to obtain a CWP should really be aware of.

Another important aspect of this training is that it should help people who are undecided if they should get a CWP or not to make up their minds. The course should present a clear picture of the responsibilities that go along with carrying a firearm for self defense. This is not a course of action that suits everyone. If after taking a training course a student decides, for whatever reason, that this is not for them, it is much better that they make that decision before spending time and money on acquiring a firearm and the CWP, and infinitely better than discovering it at the time that they have to make the decision to use that firearm. In any event, firearms safety training is never wasted.