Arizona CWP Reciprocity
Although the US Constitution requires that states give "full faith and credit" to licenses issued by other states (e.g. driver's licenses), there has been resistance to following this law and applying the principle to concealed carry licenses.

Many states will nevertheless recognize a valid concealed handgun license issued by another state, provided that the other state also recognizes their license. This is referred to a reciprocity.

Arizona is fortunate that many states have reciprocity agreements, or will unilaterally recognize an Arizona CWP.

An Arizona CWP is currently valid in many states. The map to the right gives an idea of which states recognize the AZ CWP. However, note that some states will only recognize a concealed permit if you live in the state of issue. This is particularly important for non-Arizona residents holding and relying upon an AZ CWP. The states marked in yellow on the map do not honor an Arizona permit if you do not live in the state.

Before travelling, please verify with the states you will be visiting. This information can change without notice. Click on the map above to go to the interactive map at for up to date information -- but remember this is their best effort, to be absolutely safe verify with the state(s) to which you are travelling.

The AZ-DPS website also maintains a list of states which recognize an AZ CWP.

Washington State will issue concealed carry permits to non-residents, see the links section for more information. Oregon will only issue out of state permits to residents of adjoining states, and California ... well, its California.